Monday, April 29, 2013

Dreary Days, Stagnant Water

Again, the echo of the past reverberates the present. I find myself unemployed, waiting for the phone call which puts me back to work. The days slugging along at a snails pace. Every minute, a seemingly excruciating hour. I have put my internet chatting days behind me yet, during times such as these, I know it is there, at my fingertips. Waiting to pull me back in, to consume my reality. I refuse to let it. I refuse to be that whore biting at the tips of fantasy. I always remember, this too shall pass... And it will. Work will be here soon enough and I'll be wishing for days like these. Almost time for my short, yet surprisingly rewarding workout. Then the throws of boredom benignly set in again. Can work come soon enough?

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